As most of you know, Wyoming is the least populated state, despite having so much land.

For the rest of you, Wyoming doesn't exist. So, move on.

Since the state has so few people then you can't expect much to be going on.

That would be BORING, right?

Some people like it that way.

Some people like it so much that they've created a Facebook page titled BORING WYOMING.

So just what the heck does someone post on a Facebook page that is all about how boring the state is?

attachment-Broing Wyoming photo Traci Mark 2

Nature photos, for one.

Empty dirty roads.

Prairies and fields.

Then there are the posts about where people are going and what they are doing.

I went snowshoeing yesterday, Sunday, instead of my normal Saturday up in the Willow Park Nordic area in the southwestern area of the Big Horns. I’ve been up here a few times, so in my head I had my routes all planned out, but like I stated, this whole weekend was turned in all different directions. It was still a beautiful day even with the time change as a factor that decided to include itself in the other changes that took place. (WG Waltz).

Okay, that actually doesn't sound so boring.

This photo looks boring until you know how to look at it, then it's actually beautiful.

attachment-Broing Wyoming photo Traci Mark

Maybe city folk think that watching a couple of elk lock horns for fun is boring.

But someone out here in Wyoming can watch it all day.

Is that "BORNING?"

Depends on who you're talking to I guess.

Cheryl Painter posted this video.

Frankly, I could watch it all day.

It's not a knockdown fight.

These guys are just messing around.

I think that's why I like it.

Sorry to waste your time and disappoint, but the BORING WYOMING Facebook page actually shows that Wyoming is not boring at all.

Maybe it is for people who don't get it.

But, then again, people who don't get it should don't believe Wyoming is real.

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