That odd-looking bug thing you're looking at is actually a massive pile of rocks in central/west Wyoming.

From way up in space it looks like this.

Just a little farther away is a V shape structure of rocks pointing to this weird bug-looking thing.

The structure is not small. The stones that make it are huge.

Anyone looking at it from the ground will just see a large pile of rocks.

But stand in it, or walk around it, you'll get a different idea. See it from space and you have a mystery.

attachment-Youtube screen grab DIGGING WYOMING 1

So what is it? Why is it? Does it have a purpose?

There are two videos below that might help a little.

At first, it was thought to be very old. Maybe made by Indians, like in the medicine wheels of the Bighorn mountains.

But this big shape actually uses massively larger stones.

Speculation was that perhaps it was an ancient religious site used for some unknown reason.

But these rocks are so large it would take big machines to move them.

Unless you think that these stones were moved much like the ones in Stonehenge were.

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If that wasn't bad enough, why does a compass act so strangely when it is inside the circle of rocks?

It does not point exactly right when it is just outside of it either.

Is there something in the rocks, or nearby, that affects the compass? Did this substance cause someone to build the structure?

attachment-Youtube screen grab DIGGING WYOMING 4

They are arraigned in such a way that caused some to speculate that it was used to corral horses or cattle.

Is that way this building is in the middle?

From there we have to ask which came first, the stone structure or the building?

The size of the boulders leaves people scratching their heads.

But the shape, which can only be seen from high above, really has people wondering.

attachment-Youtube screen grab John Posey 2

Many theories have popped up about who built this structure. The Vikings? Prince Madoc of Wales. The shape has suggested to some that the Nights Templar built it.

But the first ranchers out that way never mentioned it.

Actually, satellite photos don't show anything in that spot since before 1980.

To the west, just a little way is an old uranium mine that has been capped off.

attachment-Youtube screen grab John Posey 4

Now maybe we are getting somewhere in our mystery.

Not far away is a free-standing stone, half sunk into the earth but jetting high up.

It has a permit marker on it from the Army Corps Of Engineers.

But nobody can find that permit number in the records.

attachment-Youtube screen grab John Posey 3

For our first video lets to go with John Posey who traveled out to the side on a cold afternoon to have a look around.

Since it is so close to an old uranium mine, perhaps they should have brought a Geiger counter. Anyone can pick one up online for around $80.

John would not reveal where this site was but I have some clues for you.

These videos do not show where these stone structures are.

Yet if you look at the satellite image on the video above and do a little poking around on Google Earth, you should be able to find it.

John tells us, in his video, that this bug face thingy can be found in central, western Wyoming. I take that to mean the west side of the Big Horn Mountains. We probably need to be above I-80 and below Cody. That takes out most of the state.

Start your search from there.

Notice the pond in that photo with a very distinctive shape.

This second video is from the Youtube page Digging Wyoming.

In this video, you will find the weird compass anomaly. Do you think it has something to do with the old uranium mine nearby?

The location of all closed uranium mines in Wyoming might also help you narrow your search.

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