Recently the U.S. Postal Service announced that it is evaluating the possibility of downsizing Casper’s mail processing facilities.

They think there is evidence that this change would save time and money.

At a public meeting in February, comments were collected from concerned citizens.

At this time there is no intention to close down all local mail sorting, instead they are looking to downsize the local process and move some operations elsewhere.

This same proposal by the Postal Service was made for Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Wyoming Secretary Of State Chuck Gray has written a letter, which has been released to the public, asking the Postal Service and Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, to reconsider.

attachment-Secretary Gray Press Release 030724

    As Wyoming Secretary of State, I oppose this proposal, Secretary Gray wrote.

He went on to express his concern that moving mail processing out of Wyoming could have negative implications for our elections, especially regarding mail-in ballots.

Since the Postal Service announced this proposal to move mail processing operations from Casper to Billings, as well as its proposal to move mail processing operations from the Cheyenne Processing and Distribution Center to the Denver Processing and Distribution Center, my office has been contacted by numerous Wyomingites, concerned that processing Wyoming election mail outside the state of Wyoming would delay delivery of mail-in ballots and otherwise impede the integrity of the upcoming 2024 election.


Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

I share these same concerns, and I view these repeated and disturbing proposals to move mail processing outside the State of Wyoming as detrimental to Wyoming elections and the people of Wyoming.


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