As most Wyoming residents know, one of America's favorite restaurants was created in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Though the restaurants are concentrated in one part of the nation, they are well known.

How much do you know about Taco John's?

Let's try a quiz.

How did Taco John's get started?

Taco John's started in the summer of 1968, in a trailer called Taco House, run by John Turner, an officer in the United States Air Force, who was stationed in Cheyenne just in time for Cheyenne Frontier Days.

How long after did the first Taco John's brick-and-mortar restaurant open?

Just 1 year later.

Where was that first restaurant located?

Carey Ave and W 24th St Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Watch the history of Taco John's in the video below.

What was Taco John's called before it was given its current name?

Taco House. Can you imagine calling it that today?

What year did the name change to Taco John's?


How many Taco John's restaurants are there today?

Taco Johns boasts over 380 locations- 24 of those are in Wyoming!

In how many states have a Taco John's?

25 states.

What part of the U.S.A. are these restaurants located in?

Midwest and mountain regions.

Where the the Taco John's headquarters?

They still call Cheyenne, Wyoming home!


Taco John's invented the phrase TACO TUESDAY! More like a weekly holiday than a phrase. Taco John's gave up its 'Taco Tuesday' trademark after a battle with Taco Bell. Taco John's had trademarked that slogan back in 1989 in all U.S. states except New Jersey. Taco Bell argued that the phrase is too common for anyone to own exclusive rights to it.

Taco John's is working on expanding to states across the nation.

How many did you get right? Pass or fail, it's time to treat yourself to a taco for good measure.

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