Most of Wyoming had to suffer through a heck of a windstorm between Tuesday and Wednesday.

More is on its way.

YEAH, Wyoming wind can blow so fast it should get a speeding ticket.

You could just turn to the wind and scream a bunch of nasty words that I can't write here, but it won't do you any good.

The wind doesn't care and your words will just be carried away anyway.

So let's get creative.

OH LOOK - my mother-in-law is voicing her opinion again.

That's not a bad start. Let's move on.

Is that all you've got? Well, I'm still standing you big blowhard.

You can make the wind feel like it's doing you some good.

In the video below you can hear a pilot cursing the wind.

At least I can't smell the neighbor's dog poop anymore.

NICE. Now I can FART and nobody will have time to smell it.

This is how we send Nebraska all of our junk. Thanks for cleaning the yard.

Are you getting the idea here?

Don't just cuss at the wind, get creative.

Then there are jokes about the wind.

The wind had a tough time finding a job. It always got blown away during interviews.

What did the tornado say to the house? “You’re not in Kansas anymore!

Why are politicians afraid of the wind? Because it blows away their hot air.

Below is the chorus of a song called CUSS THE WIND.

Tell you what, if you come up with any jokes worse than these, please DO NOT send them to me.

Honestly on windy days like these, we need to think of something to keep from being annoyed.

I hope these ideas helped.

Here's a beautiful song about the Wyoming wind.

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