Does this dog think that the Senclare Dino Statue at a gas station in Wyoming is another dog?

Once in a while we see this dog playing with the dinosaur at the gas station on HWY59.

He will spend an hour or longer trying to catch the dinosaur's attention.

I am not gonna be the one telling him that it is a fake dinosaur.

Don't you dare tell him the truth, he is so cute!

Sheila Callegaro, Gillette Wyoming Rant's & Raves.

Sorry, we can't show you the video.

Facebook won't let us.

But you can watch it at this link.

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He really wants to make friends and play with it.

Let's hope he didn't walk away thinking he had been snubbed.

The little guy was really getting into it too.

He was running around the statue wagging his tail and leaping.

Does it really look like another dog to him?

We will never know.

He even barks at it with a big smile on his face.

He just wants to be friends.

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That dino has fooled a lot of humans, too.

Dinosaurs first appeared in Sinclair marketing in 1930 as part of a campaign to educate customers on the origin of fossil fuels.

But then it was discovered that petroleum does not come from dinosaurs and cannot be classified as a "fossil fuel."

There is no such thing as a "fossil fuel." We would be better off using the term "organic" to describe coal, natural gas, and oil.

You can read more about it in this article from Forbs Magazine.

Sinclair tried many dinosaurs before they settled on this model.

The Apatosaurus (then thought a Brontosaurus) quickly surpassed the T-Rex and Triceratops in popularity, and by 1932, we had registered DINO as a trademark.

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