Last night I was looking for something to watch on TV when the first Auston Powers movie came on.

That movie first hit the theaters in 1997.

That makes the movie 26 years old. (Does that make you feel old?).

At the beginning of the movie, Dr. Evil makes his escape in a Bigboy Rocket, then returns 30 years later.

At the end of the movie, Dr. Evil makes his escape in that same Bigboy Rocket.

Those who remember the Bigboy fast food chain thought it was hysterical.

Hold on! When Dr. Evil returns in the 2nd movie The Spy Who Shagged Me where did the Bigboy rocket go?

Then, suddenly, I realized- IT'S RIGHT HERE IN WYOMING!

A Big Boy statue sits out in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming.

Okay, in Wyoming the middle of nowhere is easy to do.

It's not hard to find.

Let's say you're driving to Yellowstone National Park, and see off to the south, a Big Boy statue.

Well, how the HECK did that get there?

I don't know.

Perhaps Dr. Evil landed it there!

It is claimed that "The Wapiti Big Boy," has been around since 2013.

Yeah, well The Spy Who Shagged Me was released in 1999.

But the movie never goes into exactly how Dr. Evil returns or what happened to the Bigboy he was trapped in, up in orbit.

Google Maps

The man who owns the land that this Big Boy stands on really likes the restaurant and what Big Boy "stands for," so he managed to get one from an original Bob's Big Boy in California.

So he claims.

Or, maybe the guy who owns that statue works for Dr. Evil!?

I'll let you ponder that.

Here is how you find that Big Boy statue here in Wyoming.

Just head west of Cody toward the Yellowstone Valley Inn & RV Park.

If you're looking, you'll see it.

Google Maps, YouTube/Mashable

You might have your reasons that this Big Boy statue is here in Wyoming.

I like my Dr. Evil explanation better.

So, I'm going with that from now on.

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