I like to play a game when I'm driving across Wyoming.

I'll glance at a billboard for just a moment to see if I get what they are trying to say.

A glance is about all the time a billboard has to deliver its message.

Most of them fail and I have no idea what the post is about.

But, now and then, one stands out.

Some are even memorable.

Here are a few of the best Wyoming billboards I have ever seen.

They are clever enough that I might even tell friends about them, or feature them in a post like this one.

But sometimes the message is confusing.

Now why would you need a "swear jar" for the Tetons?

attachment-Teton Swear Jar

Because the entire time you're looking at them you're saying things like "HOLY #@%$."

That one would make anyone have to think for just a moment before they got it.

The only problem is that not everyone is going to get the joke.

This next one really stands out and lets people know what Wyoming is all about.

We are who we are, we love it, and we don't apologize for it.

But you have to be quick, while driving, to see who the ad is for and what they are trying to sell.

As I said, the billboard has a glance to deliver its message.

But do you know who the sponsor is if you just quickly glanced at this?

attachment-gunrunnersauctions billboard

This next one will get everyone's attention, but it will totally FAIL to tell you what it's all about.

The message is big and it stands out.

But who put this up and what they want from you is in little letters at the bottom.

So you'll drive by and think, "GROSS... WHAT?"

But never know why someone said this to you.

Even if you did see the wording at the bottom you would have to translate it while driving.

Chances are your mind will drift back to the road before you do.

attachment-Wyo get tested billboard

They are trying to get you to go to a website and look into free testing for various diseases.

For this next one, if you like fishing you might know who this company is.

All they are trying to do it remind you of their brand name.

That's like Coke making sure you see the name Coke as often as possible.

If they can get it to stick in your head you'll think of it the next time you want a soft drink.

If you don't use fishing lures then you'll have no idea what this is for.

attachment-billboard wyo text and fish

Rapala is a fishing lure company.

So, if you don't fish, now you get it.

Billboards should be simple like this.

If they are not then they are a waste of the advertiser's money, and most billboards are.

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