Did anyone have any idea that someone had come out with a "Bigfoot In Wyoming" book?

Actually, the book was released in January of this year.

Bigfoot in Wyoming: Mysterious Encounters

"Bigfoot in Wyoming: Mysterious Encounters" offers readers a fascinating look into some of the most mysterious and incredible bigfoot sightings from across the state.

From stories of giant creatures lurking in the shadows of Grand Teton National Park to firsthand accounts from experienced explorers and hunters, this book dives deep into the unknown and brings these intriguing tales to life.

Through vivid descriptions and eye-opening encounters, readers will be able to discover the secrets of these mythical creatures that have been hidden in plain sight for years.

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So join us on a thrilling exploration into bigfoot country in Wyoming and uncover the mysterious world of bigfoot encounters.

With this book, readers will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for these amazing creatures that continue to captivate us and fuel our imaginations.

Happy bigfoot hunting!

This author has self-published Bigfoot books for each state that have had sightings.

States that have not had a Bigfoot sighting have much bigger problems.

Honestly, have you been to those states?

They are so bad not even Bigfoot wants to live there.

About the author


My name is Frank Hendersen and I am the author of the "Bigfoot Encounters from Around the World" series.

I have been interested in Bigfoot since a young age, fascinated by its mysterious nature and all the stories that accompany it.

Having spent my life researching this topic, I was inspired to create a book about the experiences of people who claim to have seen or encountered Bigfoot.

He kind of looks like a Bigfoot hunter, doesn't he?

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