There are a lot of great reasons to move to Wyoming.

No state income tax.

Low regulations.

Low cost of living.

Just remember, if you choose to live way out west then you have to be okay with not having many of the conveniences of the big city.

The weather can be wonderful in Wyoming.

It can also be harsh during certain times of the year.

Then again, you would be leaving behind big city prices, regulations, and crime.

Here are 6 towns that are worth visiting, or moving to, but are often overlooked.


6). Dubois. Located on the western side of the state, it's just over some mountains from the Tetons and Yellowstone. It's a great little town with lots of character. But it's not overpriced like living in Jackson Hole.

5). Lovell. Not too far from Bighorn Lake and the Montana border. Fishing, hunting, mountain biking, and mountains. The population is only 2300 residents. The cost to buy a nice home is very affordable.

4). Sundance. What a cute little town. Home of The Sundance Kid who traveled with Butch Cassidy. It's near Devils The Black Hills, Deadwood South Dakota, and Rapid City South Dakota. Affordable and cute with lots to do and see within a short driving distance.

3). Saratoga. Located in south-central Wyoming, Saratoga has a river, and natural not springs, and is at the base of the Snowy Range mountains. It's a tiny little town that is often overlooked but has a lot to offer.

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2). Wheatland. You might not think much of Wheatland when you drive by it on Interstate 25. But drive in and have a look. They have a wonderful view of Laramie peak and access to the Laramie mountain range. You'll love their cute little homes and downtown area. They have a tiny little paved airstrip that serves their local pilots. It's a cute, overlooked, town.

1). Alpine. Located below Jackson, by quite a bit, there are still mountains and hills around it. It sits on a lake and even has a neighborhood with its own runway for those who like to fly in. The homes there are mostly new and more people are discovering the area and moving in. But not too many more.


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