Memorial Day is a holiday to remember the servicemen and women who gave their lives for our country. It may be hard to believe, but according to a new survey, many Americans actually didn't know this.

A poll by the University of Phoenix found that only 43% of Americans know the true meaning of Memorial Day.

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28% thought Memorial Day was a day to honor all military veterans and didn't know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Also, only 46% knew that Memorial Day always falls on the last Monday in May, and 21% thought the holiday falls on the last Sunday in May.

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What is the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day?

I heard it explained to me once this way:

Armed Forces Day honors those currently wearing the uniform, Veterans Day honors those who no longer wear the uniform, Memorial Day honors those who never had the opportunity to take off their uniform.

What does the red poppy signify on Memorial Day?

The red poppy was a flower that would grow on the war-torn battlefields in Europe during World War 1.

This amazing fact did not go unnoticed.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) set a mission to construct paper and silk poppies for people to wear to remember those who died in World War I. It was also a way to employ needy and disabled servicemen and women. They named them the 'Buddy Poppy.'

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If you get a chance this Memorial Day weekend, visit a cemetery to pay respects to those who gave it all for our country.

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