The wrestling season kicked off over the weekend and the annual Tiger Invitational in Lusk was one of the events to begin the campaign. On the boy's side, LFL/Southeast won the team title with 212 points, the Kelly Walsh JV was 2nd, Saratoga 3rd, Glenrock 4th, and Upton 5th. Here's a rundown of the top Wyoming finishers in each weight class:

106 lbs.   Ace Arnold-Saratoga                             (1st)

113 lbs.   Josiah Mata-Saratoga                           (1st)

120 lbs.   Carver Staker-Thunder Basin               (2nd)

125 lbs,   Nathan Fish-LFL/Southeast                  (1st)

132 lbs.   Tuker Carricato-Saratoga                      (1st)

138 lbs.   Trey Schneider-Upton                           (1st)

144 lbs.   Kaleb Brothwell-LFL/Southeast             (1st)

150 lbs.   Louden Bremer-LFL/Southeast             (1st)

157 lbs.   Neikko Heimdale-Wright                        (1st)

165 lbs.   Cullen Davis-Upton                                (2nd)

175 lbs.   Tiiegen Thompson-LFL/Southeast         (1st)

190 lbs.   Carter Blevins-LFL/Southeast                (2nd)

215 lbs.   Alec DeMarce-LFL/Southeast                 (3rd)

285 lbs.   Case Barrett-Glenrock                            (1st)

On the ladies' side of the Tiger Invitational, Glenrock placed first in the team standings with 125 points, Wright took 2nd, Lingle-Fort Laramie/Southeast 3rd, and Upton was 4th.  Here's what happened individually:

105 lbs.   Kylie Benim-Wright                                 (1st)

115 lbs.   Lucy Ticknor-Glenrock                            (1st)

120 lbs.   Gillian Holman-Glenrock                         (1st)

125 lbs.   Clarissa Schenck-Glenrock                     (1st)

130 lbs.   Reagan Cooley-Wright                            (1st)

135 lbs.   Addisyn Bauersachs-Lusk                       (1st)

140 lbs.   Ryley Knight-Wright                                 (1st)

145 lbs.   Bailey Mueller-Glenrock                           (1st)

155 lbs.   Josie Hauck-LFL/Southeast                     (1st)

190 lbs.   Danika Harris-Glenrock                            (1st)

Be sure and take a peek at some images of the Lusk Wrestling Tournament, courtesy of Lisa Shaw. They can be located in our gallery below. Enjoy!

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Lusk Wrestling Tournament

Lusk Wrestling Tournament

Gallery Credit: Lisa Shaw

Wyoming High School Wrestling
Lusk Wrestling Tournament

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