The Paramount Network definitely found a winner with their neo-Western drama television series, Yellowstone.

That being said, I'll be one hundred percent honest... I have yet to see a full episode all the way through yet.

That doesn't mean I haven't been planning to, but I wasn't ready to get yet another streaming service for just one show.

Well, since I recently added Peacock to the mix, I was pleasantly surprised to find out Yellowstone is included on that service. That being said, I have yet to start it yet.

After doing some light grocery shopping today (Monday, October 16th, 2023), I was surprised to see a line of Yellowstone food items in our local Walmart. The sausages were the first thing to catch my eye. As I consider myself something of a frankfurter connoisseur, I had to do my research and that's when I found out there is an entire line of Yellowstone (the TV series) line of food products.

I also found out the caterer for the show, has also starred in quite a few episodes as the Dutton's actual cook. Check out the video below to get the lowdown on Chef Gabriel 'Gator' Guilbeau.

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That video alone was enough to make REALLY want to watch the show now. Couple that with all the new Yellowstone food products that I just found out existed, I feel like I have to watch.

Check out these photos of some of the Yellowstone food products that are now available.

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