Each year, the Wyoming State Treasurer's Office reports literally millions of dollars in unclaimed property. It only takes a few, very simple steps to find out if any of it is yours and how to file a claim.

The Wyoming State Treasurer's Office gives a clear and concise definition of what actually constitutes unclaimed property as:

Unclaimed property is money that is left behind and turned over to the state to hold for the rightful owners. It includes but is not limited to utility deposits, unpaid wages, insurance proceeds, securities, savings and checking accounts. The Unclaimed Property Division receives new property every year.

As of last month (June 2023), despite record amounts of payments over the past few years, Wyoming’s Unclaimed Property Division is holding on to more funds than ever, as the amount of money now being held exceeds $104 million.

The official Wyoming State Treasurer's Office Facebook page posted a graphic along with a caption that read:

Wyoming's Unclaimed Property fund continues to grow despite $10.5 million returned to rightful owners over the past year. Take just a few minutes to see if you or any of your loved ones can make a claim.

Visit www.mycash.wyo.gov to watch the 2-minute instructional video and/or search for your name!

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If you see your name and a current or former address, click on the "CLAIM" button and follow the prompts. Depending on how many search results populate, each claim should take an average of about three minutes to file.

For more detailed instructions on how to file a claim, check out the video below from the official Wyoming State Treasurer's Office YouTube channel.

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