Many Wyoming residents will finish their Halloween activities with a scary movie, but could this lead to nightmares?

A recent study conducted by the website, MattressNextDay, lists "Halloween Horrors: The American States Haunted by Nightmares". Here are the top five states in America which suffer the most from nightmares:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Delaware
  3. Nevada
  4. Vermont
  5. Rhode Island & Wyoming (Tie)
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The methodology of study stated:

The experts at MattressNextDay have used Google search data to discover the US states plagued by nightmares, whilst also debunking common nightmare myths that many still believe.

Wyoming's ranking came from "Searches for Nightmares per 10,000 residents", were we averaged 889 (to tie with Rhode Island, although it is worth noting that their forecasted population for 2023 is 1.056 million people, which is almost double ours).

Now onto the initial question: do scary movies cause nightmares?

According to the study (and CEO and Sleep Expert, Martin Seeley), no, watching horror films before bed does not cause nightmares. Seeley stated:

“While watching scary movies will put you on edge, there has been no clear indicator that disturbing content like gory films will cause you to have nightmares. But we do advise cutting down on that screen time before bed, as light emitted by devices can negatively impact sleep.”

Are nightmares predictable or avoidable?

Seeley went on to say:

“There are ways to reduce the chance of having nightmares, such as having a routine and reducing screen time, but they are not always as predictable and avoidable. Stress and anxiety are indicators that can increase nightmares but trying to make your bed a relaxation zone is key.”

There you have it. Enjoy all the spooky fun that comes with All Hallow's Eve, but make sure to get bed at a decent hour and limit the screen time, whether it's the television or the smartphone.

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