It's not everyday that Wyoming gets mentioned on national television. I'm willing to bet, it's even less on the biggest night of American television, but this year, during Super Bowl LVIII, the Cowboy State did get a mention... however so brief.

Many people will argue that the next to the halftime show, the commercials are often the stars of the evening (especially if your favorite team is not playing during the big game). At any rate, as native Wyomingnite, I am forever vigilant for any mention of my home state.

Thanks to comedian, actress, director, writer and producer, Tina Fey, and also, the Equality State got its 1.5 seconds of fame Sunday evening. The multitalented Fey enlisted the help of her fellow 30 Rock cast mates, Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer, plus Tina's onscreen nemesis , Glenn Close.

The blink and you missed it Wyoming moment can be seen below and features Tina as Bigfoot while staying in a rustic cabin in Wyoming.

While the short version was definitely funny enough for me, the extended version of the commercial (seen below), is even more humorous.

I admit, I've had a little mini-crush on Tina Fey for the better part of the last decades, if I'm being honest, these commercial made me love her even more.

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