June 13, 2022 was the day Yellowstone National Park was hit with with historic flooding that is still impacting, the first National Park.

Some areas of the park were hit so hard, that one year later, there are still areas of the park that remain closed. Roads are still being fixed, or new roads are being put in to accommodate the parks heavy summer traffic.

An iconic hotel also remains closed to overnight visitors, with the opening of the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel being delayed yet again.

According to Yellowstone National Park Lodges.com, the hotel has been closed and remain closed, other than daytime visitors, since the flooding last year. The cause of the closure is the work being done on the water treatment facility that was damaged in the flooding.

There have been may reservations canceled already this season, and they will likely be closing more.

In April, we told you of the original delay, and updates were promising from the park. Hopes were for the hotel to be able to open this week, but has now been put off until at least July 1. Though, that date is not set in stone, the hotel doesn't want to cancel reservations too early.

Not only are all hotel room reservations canceled, but also any tours that are to depart from the Mammoth Hotel, will be automatically canceled too. If you had reservations for any of these tours, you will receive a refund of your deposit.

The day use will be limited at the hotel, with the Terrace Grill scheduled to re-open with minimal services and food on June 16th. The gift shop has some pre-packaged food items, but no other restaurants will open.

If you're looking for lodging, it's recommended you search other park lodging options, or in communities just outside the park.

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