Before you know it, the cold will be behind us, and you'll be gearing up for a big motorcycle ride. Wyoming has so many options for fantastic rides that the most challenging part will be to figure out which one you want to take.

How can you decide which route you want to take with so many to choose from? Do you go to the northern part of the state? Maybe you will head southwest, or the Yellowstone route could be in your future.

The Advocates Injury Attorneys have compiled ten great ideas to help you make decisions.

Ride #1 - Chief Joseph Highway (Highway 296) - Roll from Cody to the Beartooth Highway into the nation's first National Park, Yellowstone.

Ride #2—Cruise Highway 270 (Wyoming State Road)—Highway 270 offers a smooth ride from the southern end of Platte County to the northeastern front of Wyoming’s countryside.

Ride #3 - U.S. 85 - This ride rolls through 5 states (New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and North Dakota) and gives you the thrill of riding through the eastern part of Wyoming, which includes the Blackhills.

Ride #4—Highway 120—The stretch between Thermopolis and Cody allows you to zip along the Shoshone National Forest all the way to the Montana border.

Ride #5 - Route 287 from Rawlins to Moran - The ride is over 250 miles and gives you views of some of Wyoming's most exciting parts of the state.

Ride #6 - Highway 20 to the Yellowstone East entrance - The most recommended route is to begin your journey in Cody and traverse Yellowstone’s Grand Loop Junction. 

Ride #7 - U.S. 16 from Buffalo to Ten Sleep—Ride over the Bighorn Mountains and see great views of Wyoming's vast wildlife and deep canyons.

Ride #8 - Highway 130 into the Snowy Range - The southern Wyoming mountain views and activities are some of the best and most exciting in the state's southern half. There's a lookout at 11,000 feet, mountain lakes, hiking trails, and options for adventure.

Ride #9 - Highway 34 from Laramie to Wheatland - With plenty of streams, lush forests, and smooth curves to venture past or stop and admire, many bikers adore Highway 34 for its simplicity and peaceful nature.

Ride #10 - I-90 To Bighorn National Forest - Depending on where you ride, altitudes can reach up to 10,000 feet, with stunning vistas and wildlife practically roaming in every direction.

Wyoming is undoubtedly a motorcycle rider's dream. Every year during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, thousands of bikers ride into Wyoming to experience these incredible rides.

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