There's a tool right in front of you every time you sit in the driver's seat of your vehicle that 37% of drivers say they've never used. You know it's there because it's mandatory, by law,  that every vehicle on the road has one in good working order. The Duke's Of Hazzard TV show had a car with a famous one.

The Horn.

Press the particular spot on your steering wheel to get people's attention. Surprisingly, over 1/3 of drivers haven't used their horns; maybe it's because they're unsure of the proper time to use the horn or when they shouldn't. Always remember not to over-use your horn; use it properly as a tool to help with safe driving.

How To Use Your Car's Horn The Right Way In Wyoming

So, I thought I would help you; it could prevent you from being in an accident. I found a few good tips on First Time and have a few thoughts on using a horn to offer you.

Here's a list of the best times to use your vehicle's horn.

  • Alert Other Drivers -If you're having issues with your vehicle, like no brakes or a blown tire, blowing your horn will let other drivers, pedestrians, and bystanders know you're having an issue.
  • Communicating - Let the driver next to you know something is wrong with their vehicle, you see a hazard in the road ahead, or your neighbor is washing his car; a quick honk will do.
  • Something In Road - We're in Wyoming, and animals of all shapes, sizes, and speeds are crossing the road all the time. If they've decided they need a rest, they may be stopped in your lane, and you're in a hurry. The best advice is to blow your horn and slow down. Swerving is never the best move in that situation.
  • Showing Support - Parades, protests, and weddings are times to show your support, but remember not to use your horn in quick bursts and not long blasts.

Here are times you shouldn't use your horn when you think you should.

  • Expressing Anger - If someone cuts you off, nearly sideswiped you, or shows other signs of bad driving, you shouldn't use your horn as an anger instrument. This could end up causing you more problems and tempers to flare. Many road rage accidents are triggered by unnecessary horn honking.
  • Against The Law - Some cities have ordinances on using your horn during certain times of the day. Make sure to be aware of those instances.
  • In traffic - Honking your horn will not make the traffic go away.


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