The Wyoming hunting seasons are in full swing, with most of the state's hunters either out now, or gearing up to head out.

When you're on the move and looking for the perfect animal to harvest, you're never 100% certain of what you're going to experience. When you hunt in states like Wyoming, you not only are trying to outsmart the animals you're hunting, but there are other obstacles you have to compete with too. There are concerns like, other hunters, changing weather conditions and other predators trying to find their latest meal, can all be a real concern.

Being cautious, alert and aware of your surroundings are all important aspects of being a good hunter. It's always a good idea to always have a camera handy when you're on your hunt, because you never know what you're going to see.

With that in mind, check out this video that was taken by a hunter named Jerritt Wybon,  Instagram user jlwybron. In the video you see a herd of elk, then you see that Jerritt isn't the only predator after an elk on that particular day. The video shows a young elk calf being chased and eventually caught by a mountain lion.

Once in a lifetime moment! Absolutely incredible that I was able to capture this rare moment on film. The image and screams from the elk are permanently burned into my head. Growing up hunting lions, I have nothing but respect for them. They are incredible animals and hunters. That being said, this cats days are numbered…


A video captured by a hunting guide, Rogue River Outfitters Yukon, rogueriveroutfittersyukon in the Yukon shows a pair of hunters that are unknowingly walking into a bad situation with a Grizzly.

Whether you're hunting in the Bighorn mountains, Absaroka mountain, Snowy range or Muddy mountain, always be prepared and ready for anything.

Have your bear spray, safety gear, first-aid kits and know how to use all of those items.

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