The "who has the best French Fries" question seems to come up quite often. Normally, 1/3 of people that answer the question will say McDonald's. There's just something about those salty, sticks of potato, that bring us back to our younger days.

If you're in that 1/3 of respondents, or you just like French Fries, and free French Fries to boot, the golden arches has an exciting deal for you.

The fast-food giant, McDonald's, is giving you a free medium French Fry EVERY Friday for the rest of 2023. All you have to do is make a purchase of at least $1 and have the McDonald's app.

Seems like an pretty easy way to score free fries and really turns Friday into Fry-YAY.

Have you ever wondered why McDonald's fries are SO good?

Scientists said there were a few factors to the McDonald's Fry equation. They feel that 90% of that great flavor is related to the smell alone. If they didn't smell as good, we wouldn't be tempted by them. The oil that's used has a special twist, there's an additive to help enhance the flavor.

Good Smell Fries

Believe it or not, another big factor is the McDonald's fries are made with real potatoes and cut with a knife.

Real Potatoes

When you live in Wyoming, you may not see very many Walmart stores, but you will be able to find McDonald's stores all over the state so you can get your free McDonald's French Fries every Friday. Get the app and spend $1, badda bing!


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