Go check to a realtor website after driving around town and seeing home you like, then your Facebook will be full of housing options, realtors, and financing companies that want your business.

Wyoming has quite a few homes on the market and when you go down that rabbit hole, the dreamer inside you will come out. You'll be looking at homes on Garden Creek Rd, that may be a bit bigger than you need or can even afford. Trust me, it happens to me at least once per day.

As someone that has ZERO need for 4 or 5 bedrooms, why would I even look at places like that? That really has the possibility of being a bad move.

You've heard the phrase "out kicked the coverage". That means you've bit off more than you can chew and you're about to have problems... In my case, and many others, buying too big of a house is doing exactly that.

After one of my Zillow sessions, I started looking into the perfect sized house for what I need. I found some quality information, that made sense to me, from moving.com and thought I'd pass them on to you.

Why buying bigger isn't always better

  • It's not just a bigger house payment
    • closing costs
    • furnishing
    • property tax
    • higher insurance
    • utility costs
    • more repairs and maintenance
    • high energy costs
    • more to rennovate
  • A big house isn't always a good investment
    • You may be getting into a money pit that depletes your savings quickly
    • hard to predict the housing market and future
  • Keep the ego out of buying a house other keys should be the reason for buying the house
    • location
    • finances
    • goals
    • home condition
    • family future
  • More space doesn't always mean the space is usable
  • Location isn't always right and doesn't make
  • Bigger the home, the more that can go wrong
    • more windows to replace
    • more pipes to burst
    • more drains to clog

Especially with today's economy, making sure you can REALLY afford the home that you're looking at.

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