The Wyoming Department of Health is encouraging pregnant mothers to count their baby's kicks. There is a free app called "Count the Kicks," available on iOs and Google Play app stores to help keep track of baby's movements. For parents who don't have smartphones or strong internet connections there are downloadable kick counting charts available at You can also request a kick-counting bracelet from their local public health office.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests roughly 1 in every 162 pregnancies ends in stillbirth for Wyoming mothers, with more than 21,000 families affected across the country each year. Stillbirth is commonly defined as the loss of a baby at 20 weeks gestation or greater during pregnancy.

Expert research shows nearly 30 percent of stillbirths can be prevented when expectant parents learn how to monitor their baby’s movements once a day starting at 28 weeks.

“We know a change in a baby’s movements in the third trimester can sometimes be an early red flag,” said Kelly Belz, Women and Infant Health Program manager with WDH.

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