The 2023 NFL Draft is over and done with, which means all we have left is rookie minicamp and the 2023 NFL schedule release, before we rest for training camp at the end of July.

The Bills drafted mostly offense with their six total draft picks. The first round pick was tight end Dalton Kincaid out of Utah, while the Bills got a guard in round two -- O'Cyrus Torrence out of Florida.

Bills general manager Brandon Beane has been doing the media circuit, talking about the players they took in the NFL Draft, which includes Green Light with Chris Long.

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Beane talked about Kincaid, Damar Hamlin and the start of his career with the Carolina Panthers, which started as an intern in 1998 under head coach Dom Capers.

Beane also talked about the 2018 pre-draft process before they took Wyoming quarterback, Josh Allen.

Allen actually wasn't that impressive with Beane and the team at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama, which was their first meeting. Beane told Green Light that it felt like Allen was saying what he thought the Bills wanted to hear and "not being himself."

However, Allen impressed them at the private workout in Laramie, Wyoming a few weeks later with the Bills.

Beane talked about how receivers drove an hour or two away to catch passes from Josh in that workout, but what Allen did after the dinner the night before was even more impressive.

Beane said that it was late at night. This restaurant in Laramie stayed open late just for them. After dinner was over and they started to walk out, Josh Allen walked over to the staff and personally thanked them for staying late to accommodate them. Beane said that Allen didn't know he was looking.

"We met him for dinner the night before, just to relax. You're starting to get to feel who he is."


"We go to this restaurant, one of the things we noticed about him. It was late at night, they were only open for us at this point because it was 11 o'clock. He (Allen) knew these people has stayed late longer to let him meet with us (the Bills). He walked by the servers and bartenders to say "thank you," said Beane.


That's the night that the Bills fell in love with Josh Allen as a person.

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