Bills Mafia will either love or hate this.

A huge rumor is making the rounds on social media, and if we’re being honest here, it makes a lot of sense. 

Josh Allen To Be On The Cover Of Madden ‘24?

Word on the street is that Josh Allen, beloved quarterback of the Buffalo Bills (and rumored new boyfriend of Hailee Steinfeld), will be the new face of EA’s Madden video game franchise this year. 

The Madden ‘24 cover has yet to be announced (rumors say that we’ll officially hear who’s on it in August), but if Josh Allen is on it, it’s bound to be a big deal. 

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Being the cover of Madden means you are one of the top faces in the NFL, and most athletes consider it a tremendous honor. 

There is, of course, that pesky “curse” that makes fans worried. 

The Madden NFL Curse

One of the first concerns when the Josh Allen cover rumor started circulating was about the “Madden Curse.”

Josh Allen running out of tunnel
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Hardcore football fans have believed in a long-standing superstition that after an NFL star appears on the cover of Madden, they’re bound to be plagued with injuries or a terrible season. 

The “curse” started back when the 49ers Garrison Hearst broke his ankle the following season after being on the cover of Madden ‘99. Since then, according to Digital Trends, 16 NFL players awarded the coveted cover had poor seasons afterward. 

However, in recent years, we haven’t seen much evidence of the curse. It probably helped that after John Madden’s passing in late 2021, he was on the cover of the 2022 game that bears his name. 

Josh Allen Could Reverse The Madden Curse

Okay, calm down, Bills Mafia. We should be thrilled if Josh Allen gets the esteemed honor of being the face of Madden ‘24. 

Josh Allen gracing the cover of one of the most “cursed” video games of all time could create enough weirdness in the universe that all of our bad luck is magically gone this season. 

Honestly, how much worse could it get?

Could we lose four Super Bowls in a row? Done. 

Could we lose an entire season in 13 seconds? Been there. 

Could Tom Brady come out of retirement? Well, at least we don’t have to worry about that anymore.*

*Hopefully, anyway.

Wide RIght Buffalo Bills

The fact remains that the Buffalo Bills have been through it all, and if anything has cursed the team, it certainly wasn’t a video game cover. This season is a wide-open opportunity to reverse both the Madden Curse and our own. 

What Will Josh Allen’s Madden ‘24 Cover Look Like?

It’s all pure speculation right now, but we couldn’t help but imagine what the ideal cover of Madden ‘24 should look like if it stars our one and only #17. 

Which Josh Allen cover is your favorite?

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