If you happen to drive through Yellowstone National Park at any point in your life, you need to know there is a certain lane designated to you by the bison. For them, it's the middle of the road. For you, it's the shoulder as one recent driver through the park found out.

This was captured in Yellowstone National Park this month by a driver simply trying to get from one point to another. As you'll see, hundreds of bison had other ideas.

The driver had this little anecdote about their encounter with these huge hairy beasts:

Bison are commonly seen on the roads in Yellowstone, and we happened to come across a large group of them starting to migrate to lower elevations before a winter storm. Most encounters are peaceful, but bison have been known to run into cars on the road.

Yes, they have and they will run into your vehicle if you don't "stay in your lane". It was a year or so ago when one Yellowstone car ended up on the receiving end of bison fury.

In the Lamar Valley, another driver had plenty of warning that a bison had taken a dislike to him. The insurance adjuster is gonna have some reports to file.

Drive on the shoulder of Yellowstone when you encounter a bison herd and you're probably safe. Maybe.

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