This show really has my interests piqued. Christopher Titus had a show on Fox aptly called "Titus" that I watched weekly with my Dad while it was on the air. It had the perfect comedy for a budding teen, and I really think my Dad just liked the cars in his car shop. Who knows. The show didn't last as long as it deserved, but it made me a fan of Christopher Titus over 20 years ago.

The Lincoln in Downtown Cheyenne is at it again. They announced that on December 9th, the COMEA Comedy Awards Show will feature Christopher Titus as their special guest, with Sam Weinstein hosting, and performances from Brandt Tobler, Dominic Syracuse, Mike Morris, and Josh Gonzales.

This should be a great night of comedy and fun. Tickets are on sale for this upcoming show and they're ranging from $70 to $85, depending on what seating situation you'd like for this show. You can purchase tickets here.

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This shouldn't be too much of a hard sell to talk anyone you know into going to this show. The amount of entertainment is a great draw. You know Christopher Titus is going to be incredible, Brandt Tobler is an incredible talent, and hometown guy.

Shout out to The Lincoln for yet again, bringing in some awesome talent and hosting events that we all really want to check out. They step up, again and again, to make Cheyenne a spot for live music and they're able to show that they can draw crowds for different acts coming to town.

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