President Donald J. Trump has begun to seek financing for the soon to be built wall on the Mexican border.

Many are concerned about a possible trade war with Mexico if Trump does as he promised during the campaign against Hillary Clinton for the Oval Office. The concern is great enough for WalletHub to take a look at the economic impact of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Five key metrics were used to determine what impact a trade war would have on the States using data such as, exports to Mexico as part of each States GDP (gross domestic products) and jobs supported by trade with Mexico.

What would the effect on Wyoming be if such a trade war were to occur?

Trade War with Mexico’s Effect on Wyoming (1=Most Effected; 25=Avg.):

45th – Exports to Mexico as % of Total State Exports
48th – Exports to Mexico as % of State GDP
39th – Imports from Mexico as % of Total State Imports
47th – Imports from Mexico as % of State GDP
50th – % of Jobs Supported by Trade with Mexico

The wall in question is priced at $15 to $25 Billion and everyone is asking, Who will foot the bill?

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