If you live in Wyoming you know that hunting is a way of life and there are many options and locations for you to hunt. You may have the areas you've hunted for years, you may make it a point to try somewhere new from time to time and may want to use outfitters & guide services to get you set up and take some of the pressure off.

When hunting season rolls around in Wyoming there are a couple things we know for sure...

1. There are thousand of "Hunter's Widows" that keep things in line at home while the hunter is gone.

2. The outfitters & guides are BUSY!  According to the Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association, Wyoming has many outfitters and guides to choose from all over the state. Wyoming Game and Fish has the state divided into regions and each region has outfitters and guides available. The Casper region has 23, Laramie region has 18, Sheridan region has 16, Cody region has 25, Lander / Dubois region has 18, Pinedale region has 12, Jackson region has 26 and Green River region has 5.

3. There are MANY people that work countless hours to make sure your hunting experience is a good one.

The SNS Outfitters & Guides based out of Casper offer many different hunting experiences and giving hunters from all over the world a place to stay, hunt, relax and EAT! Being a Camp Cook for an outfitter is a really tough and important job. They work for weeks planning meals, buying groceries, cleaning and arranging before hunters arrive. If you're a regular visitor to the grocery store, you know how much of a chore it is to make sure you get everything you need to be able to make meals for your family for a week or two. Imagine what kind of a chore it is to have to do the grocery shopping, make sure you have all of your supplies, menus and meal plans together for many hunters before hunting season begins! When hunters show up, they're waking up early to start breakfast, lunches need to be made, then they make a big dinner, clean up and get set for the next day.

Janet Read and Patty Granto are two of the meal specialists for SNS at the Christiansen Camp and they have it down to a science. Years of experience has taught them how to plan, prep and execute their annual job of keeping the hunters & crews fed and happy. Before I watched this video SNS Outfitter put out, I never thought twice about the hard work and dedication that went into being a Camp Cook. Take a look at what it takes to keep the wheels turning and the bellies full. Hats off to all those that are making it happen.

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