A husband's show of devotion to his wife undergoing chemotherapy treatments has gone viral. Dennis Cockrell told me how he and his kids came up with the idea to show his wife she is loved outside the hospital she was in came about.

She's everything that's good about me is wrapped up in her. I'm glad that people are hearing about her and her story

The Cockrell's inspiring story has been featured on national sites like Business Insider and even as far away as Australia and New Zealand. Here's our full interview with Dennis Cockrell this morning.

Dennis told me that he and his wife Diana have been married for 23 years and have 3 kids.

Dennis Cockrell - "We were married in 1997. Since then we've had 3 great children."

Dennis and Diana learned she had breast cancer during Christmas of 2019.

Dennis Cockrell - "This was some news back in December that Diana had breast cancer. It's been a journey ever since then...we did find out somewhere along the way that chemotherapy would be in our cards for us."

While Dennis was able to be with his wife for the first treatment, the restrictions imposed after the coronavirus pandemic began made it where they couldn't be together.

Dennis Cockrell - "She has a total of 4 treatments planned over a 12 week period...the second treatment...it was pretty rough...we knew what we were up against, but actually letting her out of the car and having to stay in the car and separate from her while she was going in for that kind of treatment...we knew how rough that was gonna be on her."

Dennis and Diana would stay in contact via text, but it was during that first separation that he began to think of some way to show her his support. That's when he came up with an idea.

Dennis Cockrell - "She told me she had a windowed room. So, I wanted to see if she could see me and sure enough, she could see me...so I made a plan for the next visit...when the third visit started drawing near, my mind was in high gear trying to figure out something to do."

That's when the idea of the signs came to fruition.

Dennis Cockrell - "I talked to my kids about it and we hashed this plan with the signs...just try to come up with a message that was really on our hearts at the time...it's just that I'm here and I love you."

After Diana was in the room and began treatments, Dennis texted her and asked if she could see him and that's when she saw his display of love on the lawn outside of her room.

His display of devotion is a message that has now resonated around the world with hundreds of sites sharing his pictures and story. Dennis said he had no idea something like this was possible.

Dennis Cockrell - "This was meant to be something that was really just intended for my wife...to lift her spirits. The fact that it would spread this far this fast...it's been a surreal week."

At the end of the day, Dennis is solely focused on his wife and her healing.

Dennis Cockrell - "She's really the story here. She's everything that's good about me is wrapped up in her. I'm glad that people are hearing about her and her story."

Dennis Cockrell

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