Gridiron Gold has come to an end for the 2014 season. Week 17 had two clear cut prize winners.

In the final week of the contest, a Laramie resident had a shot at $5000. In fact, this gentleman came within seven points of a perfect card.

The first place, $50, prize for week 17 goes to Jesse Lopez of Laramie. Jesse had an entry with no incorrect picks. He nearly had the perfect card with the right score for the tiebreaker game, but fell seven points shy of a couple more zeroes on the check. Congratulations Jesse!

Second place saw only one entry with two misses. The $25 prize goes to Crystal Gonzales of Laramie.

Gridiron Gold has concluded its' 29th year. It was presented by KOWB and Modern Printing.

Thanks to all who participated each week, those who won and also to our participating sponsors:


First Interstate Bank

Laramie GM Auto Center

The Brown & Gold Outlet

Uni-Wyo Federal Credit Union

The West Laramie Fly Store

The Still Package Liquors

ACPE Federal Credit Union

Laramie Auto Parts

Here were the Weekly Winners:

Week 1 = Joyce Stoner, Laramie, 1st place; Dante Lopez, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 2 = Nancy Munoz, Laramie, 1st place; Timothy Dombrosky, Summerhill, PA, 2nd place

Week 3 = Mike Gealy, Laramie, 1st place; Tony Chlapowski, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 4 = Delores Pribble, Laramie, 1st place; Sandy Roller, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 5 = Ron Copenhaver, Centennial, 1st place; Jose Aguirres, Fort Collins, 2nd place

Week 6 = Renita Costin, Laramie, 1st place; Karen Royce, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 7 = Kiel Robinson, Mankato, MN, 1st place; Tammy Gardea, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 8 = Susan Lescznske, Laramie, 1st place; Skyler Joy, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 9 = Loretta Leger, Laramie, 1st place; Jacob Berreth, Cheyenne, 2nd place

Week 10 = Kasey Bennett, Laramie, 1st place; Dana Bardsley, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 11 = Caroline Lopez, Laramie, 1st place; Sean Gardea, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 12 = Jerry Coca, Laramie, 1st place; Anamaria Sandoval, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 13 = Dan Olind, Fort Collins, 1st place; Jeff Frazier, Cheyenne, 2nd place

Week 14 = Jay Wright, Laramie, 1st place; Timothy Pribble, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 15 = Ashley Royce, Cheyenne, 1st place; Dan Applehans, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 16 = Charles Van Heule, Laramie, 1st place; Ron Copenhaver, Centennial, 2nd place

Week 17 = Jesse Lopez, Laramie, 1st place; Crystal Gonzales, Laramie, 2nd place

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