The Hoofprints of the Past Museum in Kaycee, WY has a tour they do every summer about the Johnson County War. On this tour, you see locations of battles, ranches where the war was fought and hear the stories of what took place.

The history of Wyoming is incredible and some may be hard to believe, but it's true. Times were tough for those living on the prairie, with cattle wars and mysterious actions taking place.

Many of the issues the homesteaders had were with the cattle and land barons. The small ranchers were fighting for their lands.

In 1947 there was a movie made by Republic Pictures simply titled, 'Wyoming'. The movie starred William Elliott, Vera Ralston and John Carroll.

The movie is a good old western, of course. There's wild west action and of course heroics, along with a romantic flare. You know, all the stuff that a good quality old picture should have.

Wyoming Movie Poster
Republic Pictures via IMDB

Obviously watching a 1947 picture in modern times, it can come off a little bit cheesy and the special effects are pretty interesting. If you've studied Wyoming history at all, the plotlines will make sense.

In the end, the cowboys ride off with the cute lady into the sunset. The final line in the movie says,

I realize now that Wyoming's changing.

Interesting line considering the movie have been out for 75 years and that line is still being said by many. Not always in a happy way, but it's been said.

If you have an hour and twenty five minutes, it's worth the watch.

Vintage Wyoming Movie Posters

I love walking down the hallway of a modern movie theater and looking at the old posters of vintage movies.

That got me thinking about old Westerns based on Wyoming. How many of those posters are still around?

Many are, and many are for sale online, if you want to decorate your home, or even home theater, with classic and mostly forgotten movie posters.

Most of these films were made before the era of television. Hollywood was cranking out these things as fast as they could.

The plots, the scrips, the acting, directing, and editing were SO BAD, they were good.

A Quick Retelling of the "The Wyoming Incident"

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