While ghosts of any apparent age may be terrifying in their own right, nothing is more gut wrenching that the ghosts of infants and children crying in the night. But that's exactly what you might find if you venture into what has been called the most haunted cemetery in Wyoming. Gebo, Wyoming is today's inductee into Haunted 307.

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The former bustling mining town of Gebo, Wyoming once had a population of over 20,000. Now, it sits abandoned, with most of the buildings having been demolished in the early seventies. All that remains now are a few crumbling buildings, and a cemetery with a disproportionate amount of babies, infants, and children buried among the headstones.

It's also said that the miners who may have lost their lives in the early days of this boom town still follow those who wander the streets of the Ghost town. But the most chilling legend is that if you visit the cemetery at night, you will hear distant cries of the children who are buried there.

There is no apparent reason for the high number of children buried in the cemetery, with no known illnesses washing through the town in its hay day, but the mystery remains of the eerie cemetery and the spirits you may feel, hear, or see while visiting. This is one ghost town that many tourists interested in the abandoned places may avoid.

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