Tuesday night became pretty crazy, scary, and at times, dangerous, around southeast Wyoming with a hail storm that came through in didn't let up for a few hours. Not only was there plenty of hail that would lead to flash flooding that made for unsafe driving conditions in spots, and also power outages throughout parts of Cheyenne.

As the storm pelted the area with hail and heavy rains that saw a drastic change in temperature going from high 80s to high 30s in a matter of minutes in the early evening hours. Twitter was certainly a buzz with plenty of pics and videos from what was going down in southeast Wyoming.

Quarter-size hail consistently fell at times on Tuesday night throughout Cheyenne.

The above tweet gives a good example of how a beautiful day turned pretty ugly after hail around town looked like sheets of ice on the roads and in parking lots.

When local weatherman are posting videos of the storm that is currently ravaging the area, you know it's a pretty serious storm.

The National Weather Service in Cheyenne even had plenty of footage to show its followers in the midst of the Tuesday night hail storm.

As mentioned, the hail storm and heavy rains and flooding led to power outages in large portions of the city. I personally happened to be out driving in this (probably should not have been) around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday night. Multiple intersections had stoplights that were completely out at the time while businesses and light fixtures were clearly without power as it was an extremely dark night for in several parts of the city. Hopefully you stayed safe and indoors while the storm tore through almost of all of Cheyenne on Tuesday night!

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