This might be the fairest meltdown over potholes in the Cowboy State I've ever seen. This guy on TikTok completely tees off on potholes and I can't say I blame him. It's been speculated that we probably have the worst in the country. Though, anyone in the country hitting a pothole in their own state, may argue. But, at least we have this guy. He just loses his mind.

We've all been there, too. You're driving down the road then bam! You're completely humbled by a giant hole in the road. You pray that your car is going to hold up after that. I almost feel like we should get a tax credit for front-end alignments each year, but that's just me.

Now just check out this guy's reaction and tell me you haven't been there? All the rage. I'll be honest, I debated setting something on fire after his rant. Don't judge me.


The caption in the video says, "RIP my kidneys & tie-rods. No joke. Poor guy. He does have a really nice classic car, though. No wonder he's so mad. I'm honestly surprised he didn't swear once in his rant. It's almost like the Dad on "A Christmas Story" when he is fighting the furnace, but the Dad swears a lot in that scene, you just can't make it out.

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Anyways, this video is a great representation of how we all feel about Wyoming potholes if we're going to be honest with ourselves. Just remember it the next time you're humbled by a pothole.

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