The Gridiron Gold contest for the 2015 pro football season from KOWB and Modern Printing has concluded.

Week 17 was decided by a couple of tie breakers, again.

Three entries finished with three incorrect picks. Only one of them chose the right team in the tie breaker game.

Congratulations to Parker Babbitt of Laramie. He had an entry with three incorrect picks and chose the right team to win the tie breaker game. The $50 prize goes to Parker.

Second place decided on a tie break drawing among the other two entries with three incorrect picks. The $25 prize goes to Teri Frazier of Cheyenne.

Gridiron Gold just wrapped up its 30th year. Thanks goes out to the participating businesses during the 2015 season.


Modern Printing

First Interstate Bank

Laramie GM Auto Center

The Brown & Gold Outlet

Uni-Wyo Federal Credit Union

The West Laramie Fly Store

The Still Package Liquors

ACPE Federal Credit Union

Laramie Auto Parts

Here were the Weekly Winners:

Week 1 = Minnie Reinhardt, Laramie, 1st place; John Costin, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 2 = Michelle Oglesby, Lincoln, NE, 1st place; Lonnie Riley, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 3 = Joe Hines, Laramie, 1st place; Anamaria Sandoval, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 4 = Eva Trees, Cheyenne, 1st place; Jim Mora, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 5 = Cirilia Coca, Laramie, 1st place; Joe Coca, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 6 = Jesse Lopez, Laramie, 1st place; Mark Andrews, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 7 = Joseph Wootton, Cheyenne, 1st place; Loretta Leger, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 8 = Denise Streeter, Laramie, 1st place; Scott Royce, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 9 = Carolyn Sell, Nebraska, 1st place; Skip Vassoler, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 10 = Vincent Abbas, Laramie, 1st place; Becky Church, Colorado, 2nd place

Week 11 = Jeff Bardsley, Laramie 1st place; Julius Stinson, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 12 = Crystal Gonzles, Laramie, 1st place; Kate Harrop, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 13 = Doris Mora, Laramie, 1st place; Jim Mora, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 14 = Michelle Oglesby, Nebraska, 1st place; Urie Buhl, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 15 = William Gonzales, Laramie, 1st place; Arlene Geer, Laramie, 2nd place

Week 16 = Saul Lopez, Laramie, 1st place; Rod Trees, Cheyenne, 2nd place

Week 17 = Parker Babbitt, Laramie, 1st place; Teri Frazier, Cheyenne, 2nd place

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