City of Laramie Parks Division officials are notifying the public that a section of the Laramie Greenbelt Trail is closed due to flooding.

The Parks Division said in a news release that rapid snowmelt has raised the level of the Laramie River onto the Greenbelt path and the Snowy Range Road underpass.

Barricades have been placed in the area to warn users of the flooding and signage has also been placed at all entrances to this section between Curtis Street and Garfield Street to pre-warn users of the closure.

The Greenbelt path is expected to be closed through the spring and early summer season. Crews will continue to monitor the water levels and make the necessary adjustments.

Parks Division officials said in a statement that crossing Snowy Range Road to avoid the closed section is dangerous and should not be attempted, because of high vehicle speeds, steep grades and constriction in the area. They are also reminding Greenbelt users that the Wyoming Territorial Prison Park property requires and annual fee to access and trespassing to avoid the flooded areas is not permitted.

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