Another local staple has officially closed its doors.

Downtown favorite Grand Avenue Pizza, unexpectedly announced their impending closure on Facebook, which was supposed to happen on May 18. The post thanked the community for 30+ years of business, citing "the financial climate of Laramie" as the reason for their closure. However, the restaurant closed early, on Tuesday, May 15.

As a longtime local staple, the pizza shop has seen many celebrations, gatherings, families, and memories made. As a resident of the Connor, the apartments above the restaurant, I can surprisingly count on one hand the number of times I've eaten there (the appeal was there, the funds on the other hand, were not). The smell of pizza dough has wafted through my floorboards daily since the day I moved in, and I'm going to miss it dearly.

Tell us your favorite memory of Grand Avenue Pizza, whether you worked there, ate there, or lived in the building above it. What will you miss most about the restaurant?

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