Governor Mark Gordon sent to the Wyoming Senate a list of nominees for numerous state offices, boards, and commissions, which are subject to confirmation by the Senate.

Over the next week, various Senate committees will discuss whether or not to confirm the appointments made by Gordon.

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For agency directors, Justin Chavez was nominated for the Department of Audit, Brenda Henson to Revenue, Heather Kroupa as State Inspector of Mines, Brandon Gebhart as State Engineer, Bill Vajda as Chief Information Officer, Stefan Johansson for Health, and Jason Mead to the Water Development Office.

At the Senate Revenue Committee meeting on Thursday, they heard from Henson and asked her questions about how the Department of Revenue plans to spend money, what challenges she may face, and what issues the Department of Revenue may need to address.

The committee unanimously moved her to the full Senate for approval.

Russell Reed and Ken Lay were reappointed, and Doug Dillard and Cecilia Herbert were newly appointed, to the Investment Funds Committee.

Amanda Hulet was reappointed while Jody Bagley, Benjamin Anson, and Lexi Buader were new appointments to the board of Agriculture.

Gil McEndree and L. Steven Smutko were reappointed, while Sarah Falen was newly appointed to the Agriculture and Natural Resource Mediation Board.

To the Arts Council, there were four reappointments of Jason Shogren, Kari Dewitt, Marianne Vinich, and Sharon Dynak.

Jorge Angel Maldonado was appointed to the Board of Barber Examiners.

To the Business Council, there were four reappointments of Charles Kenyon, Katherine Tomassi, Cindy Johnson, and John Coyne III, with Derek Smith nominated as a new appointment.

To the Children's Trust Fund Board there were two reappointments, Charles Kratz and Tiffany Hunt.

For the Community Development Authority, there was one new appointment, Patrick Thomas, a Republican from Natrona County.

At the Cultural Trust Fund Board, there was one reappointment, Nancy Schiffer, and one new appointment, Sherri Mullinnix.

For Education, there was one new appointment of Kristen Schlattmann.

On the Energy Authority, there were two reappointments of Kenneth Miller and Mark Stege, while Kara Choquette was the only new appointment.

To the Enhanced Oil Recovery Commission, there were two reappointments of Chad Brister and Dave True of Natrona County.

The Gaming Commission had one reappointment of Troy Broussard and one new appointment of Reuben Ritthaler.

Harmon Davis II was a new appointment to Judicial Conduct and Ethics.

To Medicine, Michael Jordin was reappointed, while Aubrey Dozier Tabb, Priscilla Dillon, and Diane Noton were newly appointed.

For the Mental Health Professions Licensing Board, Camellia Samir El-Antably and Kristin Alcala were reappointed, while Eric Sclidt of Natrona County, Kelly Buckingham, and Kathleen Farstad were new appointees.

To the Mining Council, Curtiss Cooley Jr. was reappointed while Stephen Robers and Steven Thornberry were newly appointed.

Mandi Smith was reappointed to the Occupational Health and Safety Commission.

Kenneth Hendricks of Natrona County was reappointed to the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Newly appointed to the Outfitters and Professional Guides was Teal Wyckoff and Joseph Kondelis, while Jeffery Smith was reappointed.

To the Parks and Cultural Resources Commission, Susan Peters was reappointed, while Barbara Anne Greene, David Bassett, and Angela Emery, a Democrat of Natrona County, were newly appointed.

To Parole, Democrat Scott Wonser of Natrona County was newly appointed.

Brian Smith was newly appointed to the Professional Geologists, Carolyn Pepper was a new appointee to the Board of Psychology, Max Minnick was a new Real Estate Commission appointee, and John Tarter was a new School Facilities Commission appointee.

To the Tourism Board, Anna Olson was reappointed and Mark Tesoro and Ken Barkey were new appointments.

To the Transportation Commission, Patrick Crank was a new appointee, along with Kelly Brinkn to the Unemployment Insurance Commission.

For the University of Wyoming Resources Council, David Emery, Carl Bauer, and Vello Kuuskraa were reappointments, while Chad Teply was a new appointment.

To the Water Development Commission, Clinton Glick was a reappointment and John Lawson of Natrona County was a new appointment.

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