A young 5-year old boy from Gillette, WY is currently in the fight of his life. Kamden 'Kam Man' Costello was life flighted to Denver hospital after a CT scan discovered five brain tumors.

Kamden had previously been suffering from unexplained nausea and vomiting for weeks prior to the scan. His parents are Sydney Costello and Kenyan (Kylie) Martin. Sydney was relentless in getting Kamden seen by a pediatrician. Sydney was able to have Kamden seen by another doctor that ordered the scan that would reveal the brain tumors. Kamden was immediately flown to the Denver hospital.

Just yesterday (August 19th), Kamden had surgery to remove two of the five brain tumors, one large and the other was one of the four smaller tumors. He was in stable condition throughout the hours of surgery and afterwards, was breathing on his own and talking a little bit as well. While his parents were relieved following the two initial surgeries, Kam Man will need to rest up as a treatment plan is formed as he continues his fight.

According to a family friend, Jessica Sprague, Kamden is still battling the other three brain tumors for now. Sprague has setup a GoFundMe for Kam Man. On the GoFundMe page, she says:

Sydney will be in Denver with her little boy for the duration of his stay and treatment. The cost of something like this is astronomical. Absolutely every little bit will help and is so greatly appreciated. If you are unable to give I ask that you please keep them lifted in your prayers and covered with love.

In just its first five hours, the page has raised $1,695 and every little bit helps. To donate you can visit the GoFundMe page 'Kamden "Kam Man" Fight' by clicking the link here.

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