Larry Nance Jr. is one of the more recognizable stars in the NBA, as his stock has skyrocketed since leaving Laramie to join the NBA. In a Tweet this week, he announced he was going to help out local businesses in Cleveland.

If you ever dare to read comments on any post about an athlete doing or saying anything in public, rather than running on the court or field to play the sport, you'll see "Why aren't they using their platform for other things?". Larry Nance Jr. is doing that. He's about to save his whole community. He also mentioned this in a follow-up tweet.

All apparel we receive, after being supported and acknowledged, will be donated back to local area homeless shelters

It's awesome that someone who spent their time in Laramie, not to mention, taking the Pokes to an NCAA tournament, could go on to the professional ranks and be able to do so much good. It's been refreshing with these younger players in general, Donovan Mitchell recently donated millions off his new contract to his old school, Lebron has been putting kids through school for years and now, Larry Nance Jr. is impacting his team's city and home state.

It's really awesome to see his kindness and care for Cleveland, and we should all be proud that he was apart of our community, he can represent us anytime! I'm curious to see how much money he can raise with his cause.

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