The woman accused of embezzling more that $64,000 from the Town of Mills was bound over for trial on Tuesday.

After a nearly two-hour preliminary hearing, Natrona County Circuit Court Judge Steven Brown said District Attorney Mike Blonigen showed there was probable cause Lisa Whetstone took the money over more than a two-year period.

Whetstone was arrested on May 4 and charged with grand theft and failing as a public servant to account for, deliver and pay over property received by virtue of her office.

During the hearing, Blonigen questioned the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation agent and the Wyoming Department of Audit's auditor who reviewed the books.

The agent and auditor said the amount of money from checks, credit cards and cash received by the town was more than the money deposited in the bank used by the town, nearly all the missing money over 30 months was in cash, and that Whetstone was primarily responsible for handling the deposits.

But Whetstone's attorney Keith Nachbar, in his cross examinations of the agent and the auditor, attempted to show that other people had access to the cash in the Mills Town Hall, there was no direct evidence such as videotape that Whetstone took any money, and the state needs to do a more thorough examination.

But Brown quickly decided Blonigen had proven his point.

A trial date will be set later, and Whetstone is free on a $5,000 bond.

Whetstone has been removed from her office.

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