The National Weather Service is continuing a Flood Warning for the Laramie River at Laramie.

Residents are advised that the river is expected to rise near flood stage, which is 8 feet, late on Friday, June 5 or early Saturday.

The river is projected to fall back below flood stage around noon on Monday, June 8.

Once water rises above flood stage, access to Chimney Lamp Road Bridge may become impossible. Water will begin to encroach on the greenway at the intersection of Park and Spruce Streets. In Addition, houses next to greenway along the right bank may have water over low lying areas.

Here is the warning issued by the National Weather Service:

* Flood Warning continues for The Laramie River at Laramie

* The stage will rise above the flood stage of 8.0 feet late Friday night and early Saturday morning.

* The stage is forecast to fall below flood stage at 12 AM Monday.

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