It's one of the most beautiful places in Wyoming. So beautiful that  Amelia Earhart was building a cabin there.

Kirwin is an unincorporated community in Park County, Wyoming.

It's hard to get to. But in the video below you'll get a tour.

Our host will take us ghost-hunting while he is at it.

It used to be a bustling little mining town, but now even its post office has been closed. The former mining town is a historic site.

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The old mining town of Kirwin, located in the Absaroka Mountains, near the headwaters of the north fork of the Wood River, about 38 miles from Meeteetse,

The town is named for William Kirwin, who found gold and silver on Spar Mountain while deer hunting with a friend in the 1880s. Word spread and the town grew to a population of about 200 people.

The Shoshone Mining and Development Co., Galena Ridge Mining Co., and Wyoming Mining Company invested between $1 million and $4 million in the early 1900s. (

An avalanche in 1907 destroyed several buildings and killed three people, and many miners left after that tragedy.

That is where the ghost stories come from.

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You can't just drive to Kirwin in any old car. It's a good idea to have something higher off the ground and four-wheel drive.

Visitors love to hike and horseback ride up there. Some old buildings are still standing for those who wish to explore.

The Wyoming Project is a Youtube page dedicated to exploring and finding remote and hard to get to history.

In the video below you'll be able to walk with the host and creator of The Wyoming Project as he explores what is left of the town.

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My favorite part is when he discovers the old machine that was used to lower and bring out men and equipment from the mine they were digging.

Enjoy the video.


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