Two men could face between 10 years to life behind bars if they are convicted of charges in federal court alleging they conspired to distribute large amounts of methamphetamine in Natrona County.

Richard Calvert Brown and Jonathon Frank Krantz are both charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine in federal court. If convicted of the charges, they each face between 10 years to life in federal prison.

According to a criminal complaint, the investigation began when a confidential informant requested to speak with DCI investigators. The informant allegedly told investigators that Brown made monthly trips to California to pick up "substantial" amounts of methamphetamine.

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Days later, a separate confidential informant purchased roughly 1 ounce of methamphetamine from Brown for $700 during a controlled buy, court documents state.

The complaint alleges that authorities placed a tracker on Brown's vehicle, which indicated that he did make periodic trips to Orland, California.

Brown and Krantz allegedly destroyed the tracker when they found it on Brown's vehicle.

After searching Brown's phone records, investigators learned Brown was likely traveling to California to meet up with Krantz, who sold him large quantities of methamphetamine, court documents state.

Court documents state that agents tracked Brown's phone throughout parts of Casper on April 12. At roughly 11:45 that day, agents observed Brown walking to his truck at which time they detained him and two others.

According to the complaint, Brown told authorities that he traveled to California to purchase methamphetamine from Krantz.

Further, court documents state, Brown would send between $1,000 and $2,000 at a time to Krantz for methamphetamine. Brown reportedly told investigators obtained methamphetamine from Krantz on five separate occasions. He also allegedly told investigators that he exclusively bought meth in 1- or 2-ounce quantities.

However, agents "confronted Brown on the prices of methamphetamine in California compared to Wyoming prices," at which point Brown ended the interview.

The complaint alleges that agents searched Brown's residence and found nearly 3 ounces of methamphetamine. Authorities in California did the same for Krantz's residence and reportedly found 15 ounces of methamphetamine along with DCI's destroyed GPS tracker.

Mugshots in the case were not immediately available. 

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