Wyoming is an interesting state when you think about all the wildlife that we have. There are animals here that don't exist in other parts of the country, or if they do, they're not in the same abundance that we have here. It's not unusual to drive through the Laramie Summit and see elk or moose as you're driving downhill.

But what about other creatures? Of course, I'm talking about Bigfoot.

Whether you're a believer, non-believer or you want to believe like Mulder on the X-Files, if there was a state that could potentially have a large quantity of Bigfoot, Wyoming surely would be one of those.

Back in February, History featured a Bigfoot story on their series, The UnXplained, hosted by William Shatner, that was an account from the 1970s in Wind River. The series itself covers mostly supernatural stories and it's kind of fun to hear people recount experiences.

You can check out the clip here.



The guy's story is pretty creepy. Just the imagery of the hand on the outside of his tent. Then, as he investigates his experience, finding the hairs that came back as primate hairs.

Talk about hair raising.

This took place in the 70s, so I'm sure that our current technology might be able to figure out what those hairs belonged to at this point, one would think, at least. Or, maybe not. Maybe it would still be a mystery.

I will tell you, finding any other type of primate in Wind River would be unnerving if you were camping.

What do you think, do you buy into his story?


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