On Wednesday, the Natrona County School District announced that Evansville Elementary went on a brief lockdown due to a report of a suspicious person near school grounds.

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According to the announcement, law enforcement made contact with the individual and is actively investigating the report.

While the situation is being resolved, there will be an increased presence of law enforcement in the area.

School operations have resumed as normal inside the building.

Five officers from the Evansville Police Department responded to the call at the elementary school, according to Evansville police chief Mike Thompson, at approximately 12:45 p.m.

A 911 call of a suspicious person that may have had a firearm was made after a staff member who was supervising a recess break witnessed the individual and kids pointed them out.

During the investigation, officers did not locate the person on school grounds, but after canvassing the area, located a minor that fit the description by clothing, height and carrying a rolled up object that could be perceived as a weapon.

After reviewing camera footage, and talking with the minor, the officers determined there was no threat to the school or kids on the playground.

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