Saturday October 29th was the date of a truly "Scaramie" Halloween celebration in Historic Downtown Laramie. Started by the Historic Downtown Laramie Association in the early 1990's, Trick or Treating in Historic Downtown Laramie has been the event to see and be seen at. Ghosts, gouls, witches, princess, cowboys, and various creatures and beings existing in real life, fiction, and of course the supernatural where the highlight.

This year activities of course included Trick or Treating , games in the Downtown Plaza, and getting to sit in a real Fire Engine and talk with real Firemen ( my sons favorite by far.)

Keep your eye out tonight Halloween Night, many of these infamous beings and creatures will be making a second appearance upon public request.  To check out more of these wonderful folks feel free to visit the Ludwig Photography Facebook page.

Please let us know if your child's picture has ended up in our gallery and you for some reason would like it removed and we will do so ASAP.


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