Are you a gambler? Doritos Roulette is all the rage in Canada! Sorry folks, these chips aren’t available in the U.S. They sound like a great way to play a funny (and somewhat painful) game with your friends combined with one of your favorite snacks.

After hearing one of our local DJs talking about them, we decided we just had to try them out for ourselves. Upon learning that these chips were selling for a pretty penny on eBay, we thought it would be fun to make our own version.

What is Doritos Roulette?

It’s a game + your closest friends + your favorite cheesy chip combined. You and your friends take turns pulling chips out and eating them.





While all the chips look and smell the same, there are a handful of “special” chips in each bag that are doused with insanely spicy powder. Make sure to have your favorite spice cure close by.

Our DIY Version:

Because Doritos hasn’t released when (or if) they’ll be available in the continental U.S., we took matters into our own hands. Tracie Perkins, news director for KOWB 1290AM , gathered a group of fun-seekers who were interested in seeing what the hype was about.

She reached for the spiciest stuff in her cabinet: brushing on a little ghost pepper hot sauce and then baking them briefly (The specific sauce used was close to 650,000 Scoville Heat Units. That’s nearly 130 times hotter than a jalapeño). Best part? You literally couldn’t tell the difference in chips with sauce or without.

After Tracie burned her mouth off for the cause, we decided to try it out on our coworkers. Watch as we all feel the burn below.

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