The Laramie City Council will vote on at least 17 amendments to the proposed re-do of the city's animal laws  late Tuesday night.Some of the laws are long overdue and some actually make sense, and some are painfully funny!

The council will vote to allow multiple areas where your dog can be off leash at certain times. The parks, tree and recreation advisory board will designate dog friendly parks within the city. Dogs could remain unleashed on their owners' property, as long as the owner is present or the dog is enclosed.

Then there is the dog in the car law that reads that your car window can only be rolled down far enough to not allow your dog's head to stick out, and you can't leave your dog in a car if it is 75 degrees or warmer. Some of this is common sense, but do the same laws apply to kids in the car?

My favorite law on the books is the amount of pets you can have. "Residents would be allowed no more than four dogs, four potbellied pigs or four cats, but could have any combination of animals otherwise that would total six." Now that is just Hee-Haw funny! Now I'm thinking of getting some potbellied pig so I can walk around the park, and then every UW Homecoming we can have a BBQ.

I think I will name my pig THOR! Remember everything tastes better with bacon!



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